Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inverted axis supported in Flex 4 charts

We can now create charts with inverted axis. A column Chart with inverted axis will look like this.

This is made possible by adding a new property "direction" on NumericAxis from which the LinearAxis, LogAxis and DateTimeAxis are derived. Accepted values for "direction" are normal and inverted. If the value is inverted for its "direction" property, axis will be inverted. The default value for direction is normal.
Here is a sample and source for the same.

New style renderDirection for PieSeries added in Flex 4

A new style renderDirection is added to PieSeries depending on which the wedges in the series are drawn. It accepts 2 values "clockwise" and "counterClockwise".
Default is counterClockwise which shows current behavior, renders the wedges in anti-clockwise direction. clockwise renders them in clockwise direction.

Click here to check out a working example
Click here for the source